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One man alone in deserted darl officeDollar symbol made of goldBusinessman standing in rain covering his head with newspaperComputer in office with files and connection displayed on screen that continues beyond the screen's bounds.Collection of different sizes currency cogs link and working together. Yen, Dollar, Pound, Rupee, Taiwan Dollar, Baht, Euro, Won, Rand, ShekelPiles of coins resembling a city scapeCourier carrying parcels to deliverCollection of gold currency coinsGolden Frank currency symbolSignpost showing directions of different major citiesGold bars of different currency symbolsHands holding discovered gold nuggets and soilPink piggybank, illustrating different saving plansRow of golden coins with currency symbolsOne computer switched on asking a security code in office of multiple desks and computers.Underwater view of Tip of iceberWoman unlocking car door with keyGold Yen currency symbolChild's hand pushing retro vintage blue model convertible car on wooden surface.Gold question mark coin sits on top of a heap of silver global international coins.Chubby pink piggy money bank, close-up crop and smiling face.
Signpost in city showing directions of different investments, gold, annuities, property, stocks, art, savings, forex, cashBlue umbrella amongst black ones in rainCollection of golden coins with currency symbolsBusiness man holding crystal ball, smilingHouse folded out of dollar banknotesCourier pulling boxes for delivery or collectionDollar folded boat floating in riverEmpty dark office at night with one computer screen litBusinessman in rain under very small green umbrella for coverMagnifying glass enlarging "liability" in contract Golden Riyal currency symbolOrigami bull and bear of dollar banknotesNeat piles of gold currency symbolsBusiness man hanging while looking over high wallMan looking through window of shop that is to letMan's hand placing blank coin into armour plated security piggy bankLarge golden Yen cog in the middle of different sizes currency cogs link and working together. Dollar, Pound, Rupee, Taiwan Dollar, Baht, Euro, Won, Rand, ShekelTowers of coins make up a city of money, a skyline below a cloudy skyBusiness on street begging with hat on pavementBusinessman looking into computer screen in office
Businessmen shaking hands concluding a deal or greatingBusinessmen in office sharing a secret, whisperingMan sitting at bright computer screen in the darkWall of gold currency symbolsGold dollar symbol/currencyHand saving coins into glass transparent piggybankPile of gold currency coins with globe on topMiniature houses, with one pretected by a glass domeLarge golden dollar cog in the middle of different sizes currency cogs link and working together. Yen, Pound, Rupee, Taiwan Dollar, Baht, Euro, Won, Rand, ShekelMiniature model house, in pieces and constructedSignpost in middle of city showing directions of war and peaceTwo people playing a board game of property and investmentDollar banknote being stretchedGolden Riyal currency symbolIron filings being attracted to magnet in the centreRows of model houses partly submerged in water and one in the centre raised up on dry landAn inverted pyramid of paper cut-out men, the single one at the bottom is red, the rest whiteChild's finger pushing a vintage red toy car with aged patinaGold Pound currency symbol
One computer with screen on giving security alert of unauthorized network access, amongst many desks and computers in office.Signpost in city showing political directions, republican, democratBusinessman holding stopwatchMan refueling at petrol station while spout of nozzle of petrol pump is in a knotPile of golden currency symbolsBusinessmand holding business card smilingCourier collecting parcel for delivery from truckDollar folder boat floating towards waterfall in riverOne computer on, lighting the cubicle and desk in office of multiple desks and computers.Golden coins with currency symbolsKey being handed from one hand to anotherGolden Euro currency symbolDark empty office with one computer switched onTwo pink piggybanks, one fat, smiling, one skinny, sadGold Yen currency SymbolHanding placing stopwatch into silver piggybankGreek flag in tatters blowing in the wind above broken historic buildingA gold dollar coin melting off the top of a tower of solid onesHand holding black umbrella offering shelter from the rain

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