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Portrait of young blonde with red lipsTorn portraits of happy casual mature man and an unhappy business man next to each other.Businessman sitting at his cumpter looking red eyed, bored and hung overYoung woman, smiling, wearing dungarees and bangles in front of concrete wallCasual middle aged man hold picture of half his face covering that half of his real faceYoung brunette woman laughing with long hair blowing in the windYoung woman pulling a face while balancing a chilli on her lips to represent a red chilli moustache.Young brunette woman pulling a black beanie, woolen hat over her eyes, smiling and biting her lipYoung man lauging with a gap in his teeth while showing his front tooth that broke offPortrait of an unhappy anxious man partially covered by another picture of himself happy and carefreeYoung blonde woman holding retouched photograph of herself over half of her faceFunky Asian woman wearing eclectic accessories blows large pink bubbleYoung woman holding a portrait of a man half covering her face, perhaps her boyfriend, husband or family memberFunky Asian woman with pink accessories speaks on cell phone and street phone at the same time. London, UKBusinessman holding photograph of himself as a young boy.Smiling woman walking with basket of plastic bottles to be recycled, background motion blurred
Young brunette woman wearing polo neck jumper with her eyes closed and wind blowing her long hair.Young woman laughing while showing her knitting a red heart in a blue scarfYoung woman pinching her tongue with a washing peg, laugingShy woman standing behind retouched and made-up beauty portrait of herself looking more beautiful than she is in real lifeYoung woman holding picture of old woman's eye infront of her own eye.Eclectic Asian woman bites into round dougnut with eyes wide openEclectic Asian woman bites into round dougnut with eyes wide openWoman biting into sour lemon with matching expressionYoung blonde woman holding a portrait of herself smiling in front of her faceYoung woman happily leaning on large pile of research books marked with post-itsCasually dressed man covering half his face with a picture of himself dressed as a surgeonA portrait of a young man partially coverd by a picture of himslef much older, young vs oldBlonde woman points to her head as if to ask if you are madBusinessman stands beside himeself or twing brother dressed as a hippy, smart vs casualBusinessman stands beside himeself or twing brother dressed as a hippy, smart vs casual
Young woman smiling, smelling aroma of chilled glass of white wineBusinessman holding caricature drawing of himself next to his faceYoung brunette woman peaking out from underneath a black beanie, woolen hatYoung woman talking while holding a cardboard speech bubble to her mouthBusinessman holding a large magnifying glass to enlarge his big smileStrange young punk with short mohawk hairstyle looking over brick wall, trees and sky in backgroundStrange young punk with short mohawk hairstyle looking over brick wall, trees and sky in backgroundPortrait of mature twins, arms around each other, one in a business suit and the other one dressed casuallyBusinessman stands beside himeself or twin brother dressed as a cyclist, smart vs casualYoung woman's smiling face looking up with a single white clowd above her headYoung man holding a picture of old eyes over his own, young vs oldClose-up of man having noticed that he cut himself shavingWoman covering her eyes with a printed picture of themSmartly dressed, well groomed businessman stands beside himeself or twin brother dressed in doudy old suit, unshaven with a less confident expression. Rich and successful vs poorPortrait of young, funky African man smiling with afro hairstyle
Young woman with curly brown hair holding picture of older womans' aged eyes over her ownWoman winking and biting long red chilli making a smile shape of her mouthYoung man holding cardboard sign infront of mouth with signs for a swaering word written on topYoung brunette woman, smiling, holding retouched picture of herselfPortrait of sad, upset woman beside another of her with cheerful, happy look on her faceInquisitive man peeking through metallic horizontal blinds, spying, peepingYoung woman deep in thought while holding an empty thought bubbleYoung woman holding picture of her healthy smile in from of her mouth.Businessman fallen asleep on his laptop keyboard, fatigue.Smiling businessman holding a picture of himself looking sad, unhappy or depressedBusiness man and author holding book over half his face.Blonde punky funky woman with collar round her neck being pulled with dog chain, shocked and unimpressed expression on her faceYoung woman looking worried and intrigued while pulling petals off flower, "he loves me, he loves me not"Teenage girl with pink bubble gum burst on face, eyes closedWoman lauging, while wearing yellow flower shaped sunglasses and holding bunch of green flowers, out-doors.

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