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Blonde woman in office shouting in anger over telephone in front of surprised, shocked collogues.Young asian woman with orange sunglasses pointing at China on world globeYoung asian woman with orange sunglasses pointing at China on world globeYoung blonde woman smiling while driving car, long straight road in backgroundBoss shouting at scared employee in officeMan with happy and sad expressions standing next to each other.Upset man in street complaining to traffic police about being fined for parking his vehicle illegallyWall of many sliding switches controlling different mood levels. Ecstatic, cheerful, content, gloomy and depressedPortrait of stressed businessman looking worried at laptopYoung African boy relaxing against grafitti covered wall holding a soccer ball.
Businessman on classic bicycle, cycling with hands free, eyes closed and smiling at high spees with backbround blurred, reckless and carefreeSignpost showing many different emotions/ feeling, anger, joy, love, fear, sadness, pride, shame, guiltBusinessman looking unhappy beneath broken blue umbrella with holes, in the rain, holding his briefcaseBusinessman in busy office looking confused and overwelmed with piles of paperwork and files.Blonde woman with bags packed, shouting at man standing in front of convertable car, having an angry argument in the streetDeflated "I love you" balloonIntimate couple hugging, showing their love and affection for one anotherMan at dog shelter rescue centre smiling and holding two puppies to adopt.Woman kissing an angry, anxious man's cheek. Seduction, infidelity, teasing or manipulationYoung woman holding finger in front of her mouth in a hush gesture, to keep quiet. or to keep a secretClose-up portrait of happy young couple outdoors, close-up.
Crowd of businessmen with different facial expressions, showing different emotions and moods.Elderly lady sitting on bench with closed eyes while listening to music on mp3 player with earphones.Wall of many sliding switches controlling stages of anger, ranging from relaxed to ragingAngry man in car shouting at nervous looking woman driving past him. Road rage and anger managementAngry, raging man in office shouting at woman infront of colloguesYoung woman with curly hair looking worried and unhappyYoung man driving car, long straight road in backgroundYoung woman smiling, pressing her nose and hands against window, mist forming from her breathTwo portraits of a woman, torn in half, happy on the one side and sad on the otherYoung man smiling on beach, two young women kissing his cheeks. Mykonos, Greece
Young woman in classic car, pressing her nose against window while holding "I love you" noteCircle of rainbow coloured paper cutout menClose up of woman crying with a pink flower in her hair, mascara running over her cheeks.Signpost showing to choices/directions, right and wrongPortrait of tired and hungover mature man in front of computer in officeYoung woman holding "love" fridge magnet infront of fridge covered with other words.Close-up portrait of worried, anxious woman looking distressed nd very scared with mans' hand covering her mouthGrid of portraits of man showing different moods and expressionsMan whispering secret to shocked woman at her computer in busy office, collogues in backgroundClose-up portrait of businessman looking very stressed and worried. Emotional or physical painYoung woman holding cardboard box with "fragile" and "handle with care" stickers. Emotional fragility, sensitityYoung woman lauging, winking and showing her tongue. Fun and teasing

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