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Collection of antique vintage alphabet playing blocks, A B C on topYoung toddler boy eating a messy spagetti pastaVintage alphabet playing blocks spelling: Kiss, Fun, Love, Joy, Smile, Hug, Dance and PlayVintage alphabet playing blocks for kids, show the alphabet from A to Z.Young toddler with silly smile, sitting relaxed on sofaClose-up of baby hand clutching wool of lambskin comforterConfident toddler at car steering wheel, pretending to drive, immitating his daddy.Portrait of unhappy baby boy screaming, cryingYoung toddler boy painting with many colours, a lot of paint has ended up on his clothes as he enjoys being creative
Young girl running on beach, laughing while flying an orange kiteBlonde toddler boy with curly hair, pulling a funny, fierce faceBaby boy smiling with a red mouth, showing his hands while eating mixed bowl of blueberries, rasberries and mulberies. "It wasn't me"Baby boy smiling with a red mouth, showing his hands while eating mixed bowl of blueberries, rasberries and mulberies. "It wasn't me"Baby hand pushing toy wooden toy car, close-upBusinessman fitting large golden puzzle piece into silver metal puzzle piecesBaby depositing a coin into brown glazed vintage piggy money bankBaby sleeping under wool blanket on back, with arms outstretchedPortrait of baby boy with funny, surprised, interested expressionPortrait of young boy eating white bread, cheese and tomato sandwich
Vintage kids alphabet blocks saying "diet", more stacked playing blocks in backgroundPortrait of baby boy with funny, confused expressionVintage kids alphabet blocks saying "play" and "school", more blocks stacked in backgroundYoung boy and girl lying flat on grass, lauging, giggling outdoorsBaby's hand picking fruit out of bowl of mixed blueberries, blackberries, mulberries and rasberriesPortrait of cute young girl wearing pink hatX, Y Z stack of vintage alphabet playing blocksYoung girl walking down path in the middle of a green, sunny forested park
Baby boy smiling with a red mouth while eating mixed bowl of blueberries, rasberries and mulberiesTop view of fathers' hands spinning young girl around on lawn, Motion blur in backgroundHappy baby with bright blue eyes lying on fluffy comforterYoung toddler boy with curly blonde hair eating slice of juicy orange.Toddler boy eith blonde curly hair, smiling while wearing dad's reading glasses.Young girl and boy using crayons to draw in art books, sitting on floorYoung girl with tiara, giving fluffy teddy bear a big hug and laughing with joyFour young kids, playing, running on grassy hill with cloudy blue skies in background

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