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Close-up of a human eye, showing the detail of the pupil and blue green and orange iris.Young blond woman driving car, smilingBlue clear water of lake meeting with dry cracked earth of desert.Miniature house build out of leaves and stem door and window.Blue, clear, calm, ocean water, partly reflecting the skyPaper nautilus or orargonaut octopus shell balancing on rock on beach with ocean in background.The sun in clear blue sky, reflected over calm, glistening oceanSpiral formation of pebbles on beach sand with veins and lines on the stones.View from airplane window of wing and clouds above the land belowBlue clear water of lake meeting with dry cracked earth of desertSmall, cute, fluffy puppy dog resting paws on cushion.Rocks balancing on top of each other, beach and ocean in background.
Light in forest refracted in clear sphere, crystal ball, balancing on log.S-shaped ridge of dune in desert. Photographed in Namibia.S-shaped ridge of dune in desert. Photographed in Namibia.Close up of achinacea flower in bloom.Infinity loop made from a leaf on a wooden surface.One green plastic man on top pile of white figuresFootsteps in sand, going into distance of desert or beachMoon rising at night over dark ocean, casing reflections on surface of waterFour piece puzzle showing different aspects of recycling coming together.Wet bean sprouts sprouting from moist soil.Dry, cracked earth of dry lake in desert.A flower growing out from crack in concrete sidewalk .Close-up of echinacea flower in bloom.
Close-up of reef knot tied with green grassGreen tree growing in the middle of a desert, casting shade on the cracked earth.Floating iceberg in ocean, showing its size with sun rays passing under clear waterScarecrow standing in field protecting cropsView towards the sun, with hands reaching towards the light.House made from leaves, with road leading towards entrance, a heart above door and smoke coming out of chimney.Asian woman pointing to China on globeMinuature house build from leaves with a stem doorway and a heart shape above entrance.Circular silver metal puzzleLarge maroon starfish lying in sea water on sand.Green leaves cut and positioned to resemble a recycling symbol on moss surface.One tree chopped down amongst trees in forest, stump remaining.
Leaves in shape of recycling symbol, changing colour from green to brown to represent seasons, on wood surface.Small, cute, black and white Chihuhua puppy with big ears.Möbius strip made from a leave in an infinity loop.Man stading on dune in desert, surrounded by sand and a blue sky with patchy clouds.Four piece puzzle representing the natural elements, fire, water, earth, air.Close-up of cross-section of empty Nautilus shell.Desert landscape of dry cracked earth with blue skies.Leaves cut and positioned to make recycling symbol, on moss surface.Couple hugging passionatelyTen polished wooden pebbles in random formation.Strips of leaves, Spring, summer, autumn and winter lined up, ranging from green to brown.

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