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Womankissing a nervous, angry man on the cheek. Infidelity, manipulation or teasing.Unhappy young couple sitting in bed looking upset with annoyed expressions on their faces.Young main in a suit holding a sign stating he is single with a smiley face, while laughingBlonde beauty wearing pink blindfoldPortrait of young couple smiling, embraced with their cheeks touching.Young woman licking picture of a man, laughing.  Blonde woman smiling and hugging man to thank him for for bunch of pink roses.Imtimate young couple lying in grass under trees, outdoorsCouple holding portraits of themselves as they stand arm in arm.Young African woman with dreadlocks holding a bunch of red roses and smiling.Young romantic couple kissing behind laptop in kitchen.Couple smiling and about to kiss passionately, woman sitting on table and man on chair below her.Close-up profile of young woman, smiling with pink rose touching her nose.Young African woman smiling and holding a string of red paper cut-out hearts
"I love you" deflated balloon on wooden floorHand pointing to portrait of young woman amongst wall of many other portraits. Choice, selection, dating and love.Young man tightly embracing his smiling girlfriend, young students in love.Gay male couple walking down street holding hands, seen from behind, sun creating long shadows.Close up of intimate young couple smiling and rubbing noses.Portrait of intimate mature couple, woman smiling while man is whispering into her ear.Young couple laughing while sticking out their tongues, joking but nervous to touch tongues.Young woman with eyes closed and smiling, hugging young man lovingly.Portrait of young student couple, hugging and smiling.Young couple sitting on beach, kissing and holding hands with ocean in background.Close-up portrait of young intimate couple, smilingPortrait of romantic young couple lauging and hugging, man holding up hand to stop their picture being taken.
Young couple leaning out of their cars, about to kiss, in the middle of the streetYoung couple laughing intimately. Young lovers.Blindfolded man sitting on bed with naked woman on his lap.Intimate shot of man's hand walking on a naked woman's back.Close-up profile of young woman smelling a pink rose with eyes closed.Close-up portrait of romantic couple laughing and hugging intimately.Close-up of intimate young couple about to kiss.Young woman holding two pink flowers infront of her eyes, laughing.Intimate, mature couple laying in romantic embrace, woman laughing.Classic beauty portrait of burnette Brazillian modelYoung man intimately embracing laughing woman, while sitting on wooden bench.Close-up of intimate young couple in bed, man kissing smiling woman's forehead.Excited young man covering young woman's eyes to surprise her withthe gift of a flowerBusinessman sitting and having a drink while looking at semi-naked woman standing infront of him.Intimate young couple laughing nose to nose.Close-up of young couple sleeping while holding each other.
Womanabout to shredprinted portrait of man who she has broken up with or who has mad here angry.Intimate, mature couple in romantic embrace, smiling joyfully.Heart shaped lock made of gold amongst pile of rusty, old ones.Business man holding naked woman against wall about to kiss her.Close-up portrait of attractive gay male couple.Close-up of intimate young couple, smiling face to face in bed.Portrait of intimate, romantic, mature couple in embrace, smiling.Romantic young couple laughing in the rain, sheltered under purple umbrella.Brand new red shiny heart shaped padlock lying amongst pile of rusty old ones.Nine hearts painted with water colours, different shades of red, magenta, yellow and blue.Playful couple laughing while woman is biting and pulling man's ear, he laughs nervously.Young woman laying on floor, eyes closed, getting a massage from her partner.Young beauty in shade with bikiniYoung woman looking worried and intrigued while pulling petals of flower, "he loves me , he loves me not".Woman playfully pulling hood over laughing man's eyes .

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