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Puzzle in circular shape with pieces making up a spectrum of coloursClear piece of paper surrounder by colourful crayons, pencils and paints on messy work areaWooden car shaped puzzle, assebled and in piecesThree silver circular cogs, linked within each other on a blue surfaceCircle of white paper cut-out men and women interlinkedLine of interconnected paper cutout met in different shades, red one in middle still standing while rest are falling down.Gold dollar sign floating in ocean waterRadiating silver metal circular puzzle, half assembledRed heart knitted from blue, red and black woolCeltic infinity knot made of precious gold cordClose-up of woman's green eye looking through camera lens aperture ringClose-up of firework, cracker being lit by the flame of a match.Old vintage toy car with red paint pealing off on windy road made from match sticks on wooden tableFallen white king with black king victorious on chess board amongt black and white piecesRound metalic silver puzzle complete in a circle shaped loopMobius strip, infinity curve made of a leafMulti-coloured wooden car jigsaw puzzle, assebled and in pieces.White pie shaped circular puzzle, hand placing last red piece to complete itComplete round loop of circular silver metal puzzle, one piece aside.Row of multi-coloured, interlinked baby cut-out figuresClose up of SLR camera lens showing the aperture ring and refracting lightOne unique red paper cut-out man in the center of lines of linked paper cut-out menPaper cut-out woman looking out a windowUpside down pyramid of white linked cut-out men balancing on single red man as supportLinked nutral coloured paper baby cut-out figures, one magenta colured figure in the centreWhite king standing next to fallen black king amongst black and white chess pieces on infinity chess board against blue cloudy skiesWorld globe made of wire and tin with African continent in centreComputer processors on green circuit board with one lit up with yellow lightGreen plastic model figure standing amongst white figures loosely spaced
One red pawn on chess board surrounded by white chess piecesCircle of connected paper cut out men in different shadesKnitted dollar sighn made of green, white and black wool.Close-up of finger placed on red aged toy car on wooden surface, paint pealing offDecorative gold gild frame with blank canvasClose-up of paper cut-out family connected, more families in backgroundBamboo weaved into spiral with two loose ends entering and exiting on left and rightHand placing last piece to complete dollar currency sign puzzle of different shades of greenSeven paint brushes with oil paint creating a messy colour wheelRed round glasses on white surfaceRed paper cut-out family in spotlight amongst plain white onesHand painting red heart with oil paint and brushRow of linked paper cut-out men, ranging from fat to skinnyAntique metallic silver puzzle with gold piece in the centreAfrican man's hands holding tin and wire frame world globe showing AfricaHand placing the last piece in a triangular pyramid puzzle made of woodWhite king on infinity chess board amongst white and black chess pieces against a cloudy skyTriangular pyramid puzzle made of wood, top assembled and bottom partially fragmentedGreen model figure standing on pile of white ones having fallen over as winner or leaderHeart shaped knot out of precious gold cordCrowd of white cut-out men linked by holding hands with red one in center conntecting the restSmall clear glass world globe with sandblasted continents resting on a large green leafSilver cogs of multiple sizes interlinked on a blue surface.Heart shaped puzzle, in half, with the center assembledWooden mannequins balancing on top of each other in a pyramid formationMulti-coloured wooden car jigsaw puzzle, assebled and in piecesIndividual small red cog amongst many metal silver cogs working together
Mobius strip, infinity curve made of a leafHands showing multiple phones in a radial formation on a white backgroundClose-up of puzzle made of metallic silver with one piece missing revealing blue backgroundAssosrted paint brushes stuffed in a glass jar surrounded by paint tubes.Snakes and ladders board game with golden dollar piece and wooden diceOld vintage racing bicycle fir sale in bike repair shop.Knitting needles combining yellow and terqoise woolA puzzle made of wood in the shape of a house assembled next to the same puzzle in piecesOpen book with loose pages flying out in the windGolden ring in a knot to create a heartEmpty, clean canvas surrounded by art tools, paint brushes and oil paint tubesLibrary, bookshelves with books without titles or branding with wooden floorHeart shaped puzzle of shades yellow, orange and red, half of the central heart missingSilver cogs of multiple sizes interlinked on a blue surfaceEmpty, clean canvas surrounded by art tools, paint brushes and oil paint tubesA row of metal puzzle pieces, one gold piece amongst silver onesRows of white cut-out men and woman interlinked with one red row in center of crowdCircle of red linked cutout men and womanTriangular green trefoil knot in leaf textureBlack knight checks white king on an infinity chess board amongts black and white chess piecesCircular rainbow spectrum colour puzzle loop with a hand placing the last red piece into positionSilver vintage sports car from above, assembled on left and in pieces on rightSliver globe, sphere puzzle with last piece being positioned by mans' handMany wooden cogs of various sizes interlinked and working together on many diffent levelsFour coloured puzzle pieces raised amongst grey metalic onesGold, silver and bronze trophiy figures, gold in center frontEmpty, clean canvas surrounded by paint brushes and watercolour paint tubes
Wooden car shaped puzzle with man's hand placing the final piece of hatchbackPaper cut-out businessmen shaking hands Figure of eight not made of a precious gold cordKnitting needles combining red and blue wool.Red pawn making the first move on chess board amongst black and white chess piecesOne small red metal cog in front of many other larger interlinked silver cogsLine of interconnected paper cutout met in different shadesTwo red fireworks, one lit and one exploding.Three smaller cogs linked within a larger circular silver cog on a blue background.White linked paper cut-out babies in a circle around a unique singular red oneHand holding a bunch of paint bruches and paint tubesMultiple white balls connected with metal bars, with one red one in the centre.Male and female cut-out figures holding hands with negative as shadowSeven paint brushes with oil paint creating a messy colour wheelSilver mobius strip, infinity curveYellow paper cut-out couple interling in a circle of other plain white couplesSmall black pawn next to large white chess pieceRows of linked paper cut-out men with hats and a unique green one in the centerClose up of paint brush with blob of red oil paint on the tipPaper cutout man looking out of doorway with negative as shadow behind himReef knot made of a silver and a golden cordRow of paper figures standing individually, falling like dominosRed paper cut-out men and woman linked by holding hands in heart shapeOne unique red paper cut-out man in center of crowd of linked paper cut-out menWhite puzzle piece next to where it fits on clear white surfaceCircle of interlinked rainbow color paper men and women

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