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Portrait of young woman smiling and laughing, holding bitten donut in front of her mouth. DoughnutWoman seated in yoga pose on beach with ocean in backgroundYoung woman in deep meditation, seated in lotus yoga poseYoung man looking very worried holding a blue and pink capsule and a glass of water, about to drink the pillBeauty portrait, smiling with closed eyesMale athlete running, sprinting at high speed with motion blur.Young blonde woman looking at scissors, excited while getting her hair cutYoung man looking very guilty holding iced doughnut/donutBald man holding alcohol sign and balancing molecular structure on his head, drunk or hung over expression on his facePortrait of a young blonde woman eating spaghetti pastaYoung woman biting into juicy strawberryWoman in yoga pose on beach with ocean in background.Young woman bunching Asian noodles into her mouth with chop sticksYoung woman with eyes closed biting into fresh uncooked raw turnip, outdoorsYoung woman reading book outdoors on long grass, blue sky overheadYoung woman holding a basket of vegetables, with spinach, turnips, broccoli, carrots, cabbage and tomatoesPortrait of young woman lying on bed of lemons with lemon slices over her eyesWoman with eyes closed, smiling and smelling a sprig of rosemaryClose-up of young woman's mouth with white pill on her tongue, smiling. Medication, the pill, contraceptionBald man holding sugar sign and balancing molecular structure on his head, sweet expression on his faceYoung woman in blue bikini lying on rock in the sun with ocean and blue sky in backgroundWoman lauging, while wearing yellow flower shaped sunglasses and holding bunch of green flowers, outdoors
A glass transparant cup and saucer filled with steaming herbal tea against blurred foliage background, outdoorsHand holding multiple tablets and pills, ready to drink with glass of water.  Young woman relaxing, easing headache by meditating with fingers on templesYoung woman relaxing, easing headache by meditating with fingers on templesLooking through doorway with thick curtrains at sunset over ocean.Young woman lauging while holding avocado halves over her eyesClose up of young woman's hands holding "the pill" contraception on her lapRed fruit cocktail with watermelon, grapes and melon, ocean in backgroundClose-up portrait of elderly man smoking, smoke around his face with his eyes closedClose-up of young woman smiling while biting into octopus tentacleYoung woman stuffing a bunch of lettuce into her mouth, looking shocked.  Field of yellow and white chamomile flowers in full bloom in nature.Close-up portrait of young woman sneezing and blowing nose into tissue.Young woman with multi coloured capsule balancing on the tip of her tongueYoung couple talking and cooking while man is chopping vegetables in kitchenView from above of plus-size woman measuring her weight on scale on laminated wood flooring. Diet, overweight.Bald man holding caffeine sign and balancing molecular structure on his head, perky expression on his faceTwo elderly men sitting at table arm wrestlingSmiling young woman with banana leaf wrapped around her face covering her eyes.Young blonde woman getting her hair cut by hairdresserYoung woman having fun in hot bath with her feet over side of a roll top bath laughing.Woman holding a large purple cabbage leaf in front of her faceClose-up of red eye, bloodshot with veins visible
Young woman fiercely biting into big red chlliLooking through doorway with thick curtrains at full green forest. Young woman biting onto multi coloured capsule with her teethPlus-size overweight man wearing underwear, standing and looking into open fridge full of foodClose-up portrait of young woman biting into a bunch of cos lettuce on a fork.Woman wearing apron and reading recipe book while getting ready to bake a cake with all the ingredients on the tableYoung woman chewing a huge bite of a doughnut, looking very guiltyHouse made from leaves with a plant stem door and a heart shape above entranceYoung woman smiling, holding sandwich with bites taken from it in front of her mouth. Diet, bread, foodAfrican man drinking and enjoying herbal tea out of transparent glass cupMature man looking in mirror, pulling one side of his face, trying to decide: facelift or not?Mature businessman smiling while smelling aroma of espresso coffeeYoung woman smiling and looking down on large red flower.Man having his hair washed with lots of foam by woman wearing pink T-shirt in hairdressing salonCigarette being put out in full ashtray surrounded by beer and cigarette lightersClose-up of a human eye with a green and yellow iris, pupil and lashes visibleWoman in yoga pose on beach with ocean in background.Close-up portrait of businessman looking very stressed and worried. Headache, fever, painLarge plus-size woman in underware holding pink cupcake behind her back. Over eating, health, overweightBald man holding nicotine sign and balancing molecular structure on his head, uncomfortable expression on his facePortrait of young plus-size woman looking sad sitting with decadent chocolate dessert with mixed berries. Over eating, overweight, diet.Young plus-size woman standing in front of open fridge at night. Over eating, overweight, diet, midnight snackLarge plus size woman holding tape measure round her waste to messure her tummy. Diet, overweightPortrait of a young woman laughing while eating a cream donut. DoughnutYoung woman holding raw turnips over her eyes while biting onto a fresh organic spinach leaf
Young woman holdiong two cut pomagranates in from of her eyesPortrait of man with wide open eyes pointing to his tongueClose up of woman eating spagettiYoung man not looking very impressed after taking a big bite of a red apple.Young woman drinking healthy green smoothie with strawWoman in library reads book and holds yoga pose while balancing on two piles of booksYoung woman smiling while biting into spring of broccoli. Organic diet, healthPortrait of young plus-size woman looking tired and swating after workout or jogging. Overweight, exercise, dietPortrait of young woman lying on a bed of lemons holding lemon slices over her eyesHand holding multiple tablets and pills of different shapes, sizes and colours.Pregnant woman lying on grass outside in park, hands on tummy, smiling with joyYoung woman in yoga pose, meditating at home on wooden floor with study book and mug of coffeeYoung plus-size woman in her underware, weighing herself on scale in lounge. Dieting, overweight, over eatingWoman standing in yoga pose on beach with ocean in backgroundWet bean sprouts sprouting from moist soilHairdresser with comb and scissors cutting blonde womans' hair.Beauty portrait of young woman, natural lightYoung woman lying on white towel, sunbathing with sunscreen drawn on to look like drippy smiley face on her back.Young surgeon in scrubs wearing stethoscope around neck and holding towards cameraWoman in library reads book and holds yoga pose while balancing on pile of booksClose-up of young woman biting into a garlic cloveClose-up of young woman with pink lips biting into cherryPortrait of young woman pointing to laugh lines around her eye. Wrinkles, ageingYoung woman smiling while covering half her face with a fresh raw organic spinach leafYoung woman with nervous expression having her fringe cut short by hairdresser in hairdressing salon

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